September 4, 2023

Prokhrov pledges support to MSAP in chess promotion


By Ehsan Qureshi 

(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The Director of the Russian Centre of Science & Culture (RCSC) in Karachi, R M Prokhrov, has reiterated continued support to the mind sport of chess by hosting its various events besides providing other facilities to the participants and organizers. 

He also announced the famous Grand Master, an ex-world champion and a prolific trainer from Russia, Anatoly Karpov, will be training the Pakistan’s national masters of chess. He made these remarks while inaugurating Engro Women Training Programme being held at the RCSC, also known as Friendship House, on September 3. 

The event is being organized by the Mind Sports Association of Pakistan (MSAP) as part of its women empowerment initiatives. Around 25 women, including students from some of the prestigious educational institutions of Karachi, have enrolled for the programme. 

Tariq Rasheed Khan, CEO of MSAP, complimented Prokhrov for his support for this program and plans for arranging the Russian chess star Anatoly Karpov for training Pakistan chess masters.

Pakistan's chess star apparent, Grand Master Mahmood Lodhi, is the chief instructor with FIDE Master Omer Khan and Muhammad Waqar are both qualified trainer and coaches. The MSAP's Syed Akhtar Sami is supervising overall programme.

The MSAP, it may be recalled, was founded in 2008 for the promotion of bridge, chess and scrabble, three of the most popular mind sports in the country. The Association has held a number of events over the last 15 years beside facilitating the participation of the players in international events. 

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