January 26, 2018

Big guns to lock horns in Toyota Hub Rally 2018


By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Toyota Hub Rally, organized by Toyota Highway Motors in collaboration with Indus Motor Company Limited and Toyota Gazoo Racing, has become a sought after annual event among Motor Sports enthusiasts.

The Hub Rally track stretches five kilometers long with rocky and sandy terrain. The track has 100% visibility for the audience, making it one of a kind adventurous experience to watch. 

The rally, whose fifth edition is going to take place on January 28, welcomes Hilux and Fortuner drivers as participants. It has been regarded as Fast Fun Fest thrilling sports activity and the live action of famous Motor Sports celebrities. 

The 5th Toyota Hub Rally Cross 2018 is to be spread in four categories, beginning with Fast Fun Fest activity for customers, media, television and sports celebrities to be followed Female Stock category competition for Amateurs, Male Stock Category for Amateurs and Race of Prepared Category.

Meanwhile the country’s top two racing drivers and wife husband pair of Ronnie Patel and Tusha Patel with two other teams will be representing Toyota High Motors (THM) Sherwanis in Pakistan Motor Rally and Gawadar Rally. 

The Karachi-based Ronnie Patel, a veteran acclaimed racing driver of Pakistan having won many titles in Cholistan, Jhal Magsi, Hub, Nooriabad, Gawadar Rallies is among top ranked drivers for the crown. 

The brilliant Ronnie will be driving Highlux Vigo and would be featuring in top Prepared Class category with navigator Ali Aden. 

“This is major event and I am looking forward to assert my supremacy against other top drivers in this rally,” he was quoted as saying. “Our aim and objective is promoting motor racing and patronize Pakistan best drivers,” Shujaat Sherwani, Chief Executive, THM, remarked while announcing the names of their teams on January 26. 

“Our mission is always been to be part of all the top races of Pakistan, Our teams have done in the past and we are looking forward to maintain our ascendancy in Hub Rally,” he added. 

Mansoor Alim with Talha Kanwar will take part in Stock ‘A’ category in his 4,000 cc Toyota Vigo and Tushna Patel with be taking part with his navigator.

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January 25, 2018

Hub Rally organizers eye Formula One Race Track


By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The organizers of the Hub Rally Cross are eyeing to develop their Max Dirt Arena into a Formula One Track in coming years.

It’s our dream and target to launch Formula One Racing in Pakistan, once the track is ready is prepared. It is indeed a gigantic task but we are looking forward to doing it realistically in not too distant future,” the chief organizer, Shujaat Sherwani, declared during a media briefing on January 24. 

The briefing was arranged to unveil the details of the upcoming fifth edition of the Hub Rally which has grown in popularity and status over the years with the support of the print as well as the electronic media. Thrilling and exciting goes into action at Max Dirt Arena on January 30 with over 50 top racing drivers of the country in action. 

Director Marketing Ahsan Sherwani, Head of Sales & Marketing Shad Ali Khan, Max Dirt Track Developer Asif Imam, Toyota Highway Motors team comprising of National Ladies Champion Tushna Patel, Ronnie, Patel, and Talha Mansoor were also present on the occasion. 

Shujaat Sherwani informed having met the Formula One developing officials in Abu Dhabi to discuss the possibilities of a joint venture with them. “We got excellent land in Hub for the purpose on which we can achieve our objective,” he remarked.

Himself was a motor racing driver of repute of the past, Shujaat Sherwani reckoned that the Hub Rally Cross is like T20 cricket, swift and exciting races ends in one-day as compared to Gwadar, Cholistan and Jhal Magsi Rallies which are over 100 or 200 KM long and spread over two to three days.

He said that invitation has been extended to about a dozen foreign consul general to watch the race as guest of honour, adding that an academy is being launched at Max Dirt Arena under the supervision of Pakistan’s star driver Ronnie Patel and Tushna Patel who would be extending training and coaching to emerging drivers to groom them for future. 

Pakistan’s top racing driver and former Cholistan, Jhal Magsi Champion Ronnie Patel said he was impressed the way the Motor racing was coming up fast in Pakistan. 

“With the passage of time we are developing rules and regulations which are vital for the development and promotion of motor racing in Pakistan,” the veteran driver stated. 

He revealed that foreign drivers from Australia, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Thailand were highly impressed with talent and conditions of the off-road racing tracks in Pakistan when they here for Cholistan and Jhal Magsi. 

"We are looking forward to see foreign drivers in action next years with great improvement of security situation. Pakistan is lucky to have such natural racing tracks which are not available in other countries. With the consistent support and assistance of media, the motor racing has gained momentum and hoped journalists carry forward the mission with us,” he recognized. 

He complimented the role of Shujaat Sherwani in promotion, development and patronizing motor sports in Pakistan. 

Asif Imam announced that the event will be held in eight categories and in the premier category of Prepared Class "A" and "B" all the participants will have two rounds on 11-kilometer track. 

Best times will be taken while deciding the winners in all categories as the Max Dirt Arena track was sandy and twisty to test of skills of the racing drivers. Kunwar Talha, one of the stock category drivers urged the media to further promote motor sports as he announced the winner of three Stock category races besides Prepared and Ladies event.

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January 20, 2018

Asghar Valika delighted with emergence of new snooker talent


By Syed Khalid Mahmood
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

The father figure of Pakistan snooker and the Chairman of the Pakistan Billiards & Snooker Association (PBSA), Ali Asghar Valika, has welcomed the emergence of new snooker talent which augured well for the future of cue sports in the country.

“To me it’s heartening to witness the newcomers challenge those who have been around for some time. It reflects the depth of snooker talent in our country,” he observed in a chat at the Karachi Club Annexe on January 20. 

“Both the recently held twin events in the federal capital, the National Junior Under-18 Championship 2018 followed by the National Junior Under-21 Championship 2018 have brought to light quite a few emerging youngsters who can be groomed for future,” Asghar Valika, who revived the sport during his two decade long stint as the PBSA President, reckoned. 

“Muhammad Naseem Akhtar can very rightly be considered as the wonder kid of Pakistan snooker. He has already won the IBSF World Junior U-18 Championship last year. With more experience and coaching he can turn out to be an asset for the country in future,” he felt.

Asghar Valika, having also headed the Asian Confederation of Billiards Sports (ACBS), also expressed his delight at the continuation of his policy to spread the sport by holding the national events in different parts of the country. 

“In my time as the President it had been decided to hold the National Snooker Championships in the federal capital and the other provincial capitals. The present leadership of the PBSA has done a good job by sticking to the same policy and organizing the twin national junior events in Islamabad and allocating the National Masters to Lahore and the Nationals itself to Karachi,” he complimented. 

“Over the years, as a direct result of our initiatives and policies, snooker has spread to every nook and corner of the country and today the youngsters from smaller towns and cities are also making their presence felt in a big way. Snooker has certainly come of age,” the PBSA Chairman believed.

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