August 13, 2020

Pakistani-French company launches cricket bat


By Masood Sattar Khan
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

A Pakistani sports goods company based in France has launched a new brand of cricket bat by naming it as ‘Ambassador.’ 

The CEO of the Euro King Sports, Amjad Sandhu held a meeting with Pakistan’s Charge d’Affaires, M. Amjad Qazi, at the launching ceremony held at the Pakistan Embassy in Paris on August 12. The Commercial Counsellor, Moin Wani, was also present on the occasion. 

The Charge d’Affaires, speaking on the occasion, appreciated the company for launching its own brand in a sport that is most popular among Pakistanis. 

He reckoned that it would help popularize cricket in France as well as in mainland Europe, adding that it will help the Pakistani businesses also in gaining a foothold in the European sports goods market. 

The CEO of the Euro King Sports, Amjad Sandhu, informed that in addition to this professional cricket bat, his company has also introduced a tennis ball cricket bat. 

He said that this was the first cricket brand in mainland Europe for which Pakistan’s willow was being used. He also felt that cricket was becoming increasingly popular in European countries like France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland and Belgium. 

In France alone there are around 35 cricket clubs registered with the Association Francaise de Cricket (French Cricket Association). In addition to local players, immigrants from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are also members of these club teams. It may be recalled that the Pakistan Embassy in France sponsored the Jinnah Trophy, the most prestigious annual cricket tournament held in France.

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