January 4, 2023

Under-fire KMC accord befitting farewell to unsung hero


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The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC), which has remained in the spotlight more often than not for wrongdoings in the recent past, certainly scored a point by bidding farewell to one of their unsung heroes, Nadeemuddin Khan, in a graceful manner. He retired from service as Deputy Director at the age of superannuation on December 27. 

The farewell ceremony was organized by the corporation’s sports and culture department at the famous KMC Sports Complex, located at Kashmir Road, on January 3 which was also attended by senior officers, including head of the organization, besides media personalities and sports organizers.

The opening speech was delivered by Syed Khalid Mahmood, a veteran journalist, author and analyst, who precisely shed light on the career of Nadeemuddin Khan, recalling the early and mid of 1990s when the KMC’s sports and culture department was in the able hands of Saif-ur-Rahman Grami. 

“Those were the times when the KMC sports and culture department worked with incredible zeal and enthusiasm in its mandated territories. It was the golden period in their history as they undertook the arduous tasks with smile on their faces. Nadeemuddin Khan was an integral member of the team which earned glories for the department, the corporation and the city,” Khalid Mahmood recognized. 

“Although he worked under the shadow of his officers, he was always noted for his presence and contribution. He was one of those guys who worked round the clock many a times to complete the works assigned to him. Be it drafting press releases at office or supervising installation of tents at venues of various events he was observed carrying out the assignment most responsibly,” the senior journalist complimented. 

Dr Saif-ur-Rahman, Administrator, KMC, echoed similar sentiments while praising Nadeemuddin Khan, much to the delight of the now retired unsung hero, who was encouraged to continue a purposeful and fulfilled life in the coming years. 

While the KMC chief was generous in acknowledging his role in the many successful events organized by the corporation over the years, he didn’t accede to the request of the departmental head, Saif Abbas, for re-employing him on contract basis for some time to complete the unfinished tasks. 

 Nadeemuddin Khan, overwhelmed by the occasion, looked a bit emotional and nervous in his speech but he emphatically urged the authorities to extend support to My Karachi Games, masterminded by him, which has been delayed due to lack of seed money. 

Rehana Saif, Jamil Farooqui, Saif Abbas and Shahid Nawab were among the other speakers who lavishly commended Nadeemuddin Khan for doing a great job over the years. Syed Khurshid Shah and Naheed Abida, who have been his departmental colleagues for decades, were also in attendance during the ceremony.

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