April 25, 2013

Hockey wizard Islahuddin has Jubilee connection


By Syed Khalid Mahmood
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Hockey legend Islahuddin Siddiqui, having been recently appointed an Advisor on Sports by the Caretaker Sindh Chief Minister, knows the art of making headlines. He became the centre of attraction in a snooker ceremony at the Sheraton Karachi Hotel on April 25.


His accomplishments in the field of hockey are known to everyone. But very few people knew until the ‘news’ was broken during the media briefing of the Jubilee Insurance 29th Asian Snooker Championship 2013 that he was a client of Jubilee Insurance, the major sponsors of snooker in Pakistan. 

Tahir Ahmed, Managing Director, Jubilee General Insurance, was credited for sharing the news with the media and it was greeted by a big applause by the house. He was also showered with praise most generously. 

In fact Tahir Ahmed, in his brief speech, described Islahuddin as one of his childhood sporting heroes and he considered it a personal privilege for sitting next to the great Olympian during the ceremony. He advised the top cueists of the country, who will be featuring in the upcoming Asian Championship, to avail the ‘golden’ opportunity of getting themselves ‘clicked’ with the legendary Islahuddin.


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